School's In!

By Amy

Well, I was really proud of myself yesterday. I had gone out of town last-minute with my husband. He was scheduled for a business trip and we were able to score some last minute tickets with frequent flier miles. It was a great few days, but I knew we only had a few days until school started when I got back. So, we returned and I got busy checking clothing status and making sure any missing items were purchased. Making sure lunch stuff was available to take, fees paid, etc.

I had promised my 2 youngest that I would take them swimming on Monday for their last day of freedom. We had missed the school open house last week, so I took them over to the school to make sure we knew who their teacher was and where to go before our swim.

When I pulled up, I saw several kids playing and I wondered if the middle school had started a day early. Then, we went inside the school and wouldn't you know it, my kids were missing their first day! The rest of the school district we live in started school today, the 23rd, but their charter school had decided to start a day early and I had missed that crucial date!

Luckily, I didn't have anyone distraught over it, we had a good laugh and my kids were thrilled to go swimming while their friends were in school.

Where is my mother of the year award?

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