72 Minutes

by Stephanie

So if you are MELTING with heat…I am SO jealous.  Seriously.  Since March I have been missing Vegas and that wonderful heat.  I LOVE it when you come out of a movie theater or restaurant that has been blasting the air conditioning into the outdoors at 11 pm at night and you get that wave of heat.  You know that heat that has absorbed into the black top?  I LOVE that.  And half the county is having record heat waves.  Not us.  In fact we haven’t really had a summer. 

My husband came home and asked how much summer we have had this year.  I said “none”.  He gave me that look, no really, how much?  Okay, what do you consider summer I asked.  Above 80 degrees and sunny.  Okay.  One day I said…nope, 72 minutes.  We have had 72 minutes of summer this year.  No wonder I still have seasonal depression.  It’s hard to get over with 72 minutes of summer. 

And yes, it is raining again today.  And yes it probably won’t hit 70 degrees.  And yes, while I can still bake, that only means I will eat more and get more depressed because I am not loosing weight.  And yes, I do have a vacation planned.  And yes, if it rains there, I will drop the kids at my moms and go straight to Vegas.  At least for a few days of sunshine.  These pasty legs have got to go! 

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  1. Hmmm. Well thanks for making me see the bright side of this never ending heat. Hope you get some sunshine soon!