Building a Potting Bench

So, I have not so secretly coveted a friend's potting bench at her home.  One time, I asked her where she got it and she replied that she had rescued it from a dumpster.  Apparently, the garden shop where she worked at the time decided they didn't want it anymore, but she saw the beauty in the chippy, weathered look of the bench and took it home, where it is just outside her door and can be seen every time she goes to her garden.
I have had some boards that I rescued from the stairs leading to our backyard before we added on to our house.

My poor husband, I'm sure, was convinced that I was saving them only to be taken to the trash at a later date, but I didn't! 

My only sadness is that I didn't have enough old wood to make the legs, so I had to paint it.  I tried to weather the finish, but only time does the real good work! In a few years, it will look exactly like I want it.

But in the meantime, I have made myself a potting bench!  I am very proud and love that it can grace my backyard for years to come. I'm already using it as a staging place for some other projects I am working on, that you will see soon!

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