So, we've had our fair share of health scares in the family.  We're really grateful for good news about the brain tumor that maybe isn't a tumor in my niece and we're so glad that there are really good doctors working on it. My spring hasn't been very great either, with a diagnosis of cancer, also. It was very scary and not a little overwhelming, but thanks to some great doctors and a whole lot of blessings from God, the cancer was caught early and I am feeling just about 100%!
I knew I was back to feeling myself again when I looked around my home and yard and saw all the projects that I needed and wanted to work on. It has been several months since I have wanted to work on anything around my home.  It's fabulous to feel like I'm myself again!
So, my summer outdoor projects include:

Getting our sprinkler system fixed that was destroyed during our house renovation 2 years ago.
Make a headboard bench
Make a potting bench
Finish the picket fence around the garden
Decorate our patio
Make a fairy garden
Organize the garage
Build a bike shelter

I also want to make a headboard for my bedroom and update the room. I haven't updated it for several years and it is the room that didn't get any changes during our renovation.

Hopefully, I will be good at blogging and can keep you updated on my progress and you can see the finished projects as I go!

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