It’s not a tuma…

by Stephanie
Can you hear Arnold Schwarzenegger saying that?  Every time I hear that phrase his voice runs through my head.  My kids don’t get the reference.   I think it’s from Kindergarten Cop. 
Anyway…yep.  It isn’t a tumor.  Probably.  Maybe.  Most likely not.
Right now it looks like tissue that is different.  Like a birthmark.  Not bad.  Just not exactly the way the rest of it looks.  It might have been there from before she was born.  And it might be causing her seizures.  But it might not. 
And it is pretty big.  But not dark and scary like a tumor usually looks.  Just different.
It might be something slow growing.  That may or may not ever need attention.  But really, it looks pretty good.  Especially considering I expected to have them say things like, survival rate, operation, or at the least the “C'” word.  But none of that.  At least right now.  They will see her again in three months and see if there is any change.  If there is, they will re-asses.  But right now, keep her on anti-seizure meds and if she gets other symptoms call right away.  Otherwise, she is fine.  So we are fine.  We can’t ask for more than that. 


  1. YAY!!!!!! I love the power of prayer, blessing & faith.