Hidden Garden Surprise

 Every year for my birthday my mom takes me to see a benefit tour through gardens of  local people in our community who have graciously agreed to let perfect strangers walk through their yards. Every year is different and every year we have a great time wandering through beautiful yards and getting inspiration for our own yards at home. The committee that puts this together is a really talented bunch and work really hard to find hidden gems that are exciting and inspirational.
They also do a really great job of mixing both yards that have been done professionally with a considerable amount of money along with ones that have been designed and decorated by the homeowners themselves, often with limited funds (these are often our very favorite ones! They definitely have more personality and also more character. This year was no different. In fact, I believe this has been my favorite thus far.

My absolute favorite garden actually included the inside of the home of Lynde Mott.  In fact, before we had even gotten out of our car, I had a really good feeling that I would love this stop.  Here is what we saw as we pulled up.

Her garden was darling! using tricks of perspective in her front yard. All throughout their gardens there were wonderful handmade touches of stepping stones, arbors and even a handpainted chicken coop!

We would have been very happy just touring the property, but I am so glad she let us tour her home also. Now, I very rarely go to our Parade of Homes hosted by local builders every year because I like to look at the decorating and it is often predictable and not so inspirational. But this particular home had everything I look for in decorating. Personality, warmth and originality!

Not only was her garage so wonderful, but her front entry porch was another sign that we were in for a treat!

Much of the surfaces of her beautiful home were embellished or adorned with some form of decoration. Every room had personal touches that really made each space so beautiful!

Lynde Mott is a truly gifted individual who has taken to heart the task of turning her house into a home. I was so grateful that she allowed us a peek into her beautiful, welcoming home and yard.

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