Poodle Skirt Tutorial

by Stephanie

This is easy peasy.  Really.  And if you need an idea for a costume (I realize it’s June) or a dance recital, or even just a dress up, this is a easy almost no sew quick and easy project.

Start by measuring from waist down how long you want your skirt to be (on you or whoever you are making this for).  Let’s say it is 20 inches.  Add two inches (you will see why).   Now take your fabric.  I highly recommend felt that you buy by the yard.  It comes in great colors and you won’t need to do anything to the edges.  You should have a piece of fabric that is folded along one edge.   From the bottom corner that is folded measure out 22 inches (or whatever your measurement plus 2 inches equals).    Mark this measurement all the way along to make a pie shape.  Cut along this line. 


Now repeat so you have two sides.  Next you need to cut in the waist.  Now try to follow along…this gets VERY technical…just kidding.  It is so not technical at all.  Start buy cutting the top corner of the pie piece.  How much you ask…that depends.  If you have a skinny kido, start with about 2”.  If you have an adult.  Start with about 4”.  See how “technical” this is?


Now take the two pieces and unfold them.  You will have two half doughnut looking pieces.  Sew the two pieces together from the inside circle to the outer edge just along one side.  Then the other side do the same but start about 6 inches from the inner circle.  This gives you a gap to be able to get in and out of. 


Now hold it up to the person you are making this for and see if you need the waist cut a bit more or not.  In this case I needed about another 1/2 inch down.  It doesn’t come all the way to her sides. 


Now the side that you left the 6” gap, sew two pieces of ribbon long enough to tie into a bow.  Sew them along that top edge.


Try it on to see how it fits.  If you want a poodle (which I did not), at this point there are some great free poodle pattern downloads on the web.  Find one and use a contrasting color felt cut out and appliqué onto skirt. 


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