From Recipes to Reality

By Stephanie
What do you do when they tell you your eight year old has a brain tumor?  Panic, cry, have more questions, panic again.  Yes.  All of that and much, much more. 
Last night my daughter had an MRI scheduled.  It was one without contrast (a basic one).  It was just a precaution to make sure there wasn’t anything there that was causing her seizures.  She has had a few.  Not very many, less than 10.  And they are not grand maul.  In fact at first we weren’t even sure they WERE seizures.  But they are.  And now with a tumor 3 cm large in the middle of her brain, we know why.  And they tell us that with something that big, and located where it’s at, she is lucky to only have had the symptoms she has had.  They were very surprised by what they saw.  Because otherwise she is healthy and happy.  We are thankful for that.
They ended up doing an MRI with contrast (that is basically dye they put in so they can see better) so they could get a better idea what it is.  They still don’t know.  But you know it is pretty serious when the Neurologist you have been working with is nervous and tells you he is calling in a favor to meet with a Neurosurgen.  Not any Neurosurgen, but the head of the department at Children’s.  Okay.  Again, try not to panic. 
So tomorrow we go to Children’s to meet with two different doctors and hopefully we will get a plan of action how to help my daughter. 
We will keep you updated.  Prayers are welcome, encouraged even.  Fasting too.


  1. So scary. Definitely I'll keep her in my prayers.

  2. We are here for your whole family!!!! Avery will be well taken care of, with the RIGHT help at the Lord's hands! We love you guys!!!!

  3. You are so completely justified in having everyone of those emotions! Please know that we are here for you whenever and with whatever you need. We will keep you in our prayers!