French Toast Sticks

by Stephanie

This is a recipe I got from our frozen meal dinner group.  I was having the ladies over for our “Finer Things Club” lunch and needed something for the kids.  So I made these.  Super yummy and they freeze really well so make a double batch and freeze some for a later date.


French Toast Sticks

makes 24 sticks-serves 6-8

8 pieces Texas toast bread (or any thick sliced bread will work, but I love Texas toast)

1/4 cup butter melted

4 eggs well beaten

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2/3 cups orange juice

In large mixing bowl mix everything but Texas toast.  One at a time dip Texas toast into egg mixture turning over to coat both sides.  Put into well greased cookie sheet.  Continue dipping all bread.  Cook at 450 degrees for 18-20 minutes.  Take out and cool slightly.  With pizza cutter cut each piece of bread into four sticks.  Serve immediately with syrup to dip sticks into. 

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