By Stephanie
I hope you had a great Fourth of July.  Sorry it’s been a few days since posting, but we had friends come up from Utah. 
First, it is finally sunny here.  As I say that I am knocking on wood since we have only had a handful of sunny days over 70 degrees since we moved here.  I am hoping the sunny trend continues since it IS July for heavens sake.  But I guess even those that have lived here forever say it’s been a cold spring.  Spring?  I usually refer to June as summer, but that is just me. 
Anyway, we took our friends to Deception Pass.  It really is incredible. You can see one of the bridges in this pic.  There are actually two.  You can walk across and go down to the beach you see way in the distance.   It’s pretty cool.
But on Monday we had the most AMAZING fireworks experience ever.  We went to our friend's sister’s house and had awesome ribs, done in a smoker, over-the-top cake with strawberries (yes I will make and post recipe later) and a fireworks show I have NEVER seen anything close.  Seriously.  The finale was 398 fireworks!   That just gives you a small taste of what we saw.  It was better than any show or city production.  And all in their back yard. 
Thanks Abby and Ken for a 4th we will never forget!!

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