Book Review

by Stephanie
First of all, a reader, Anne has a question about the laundry soap.  I have been TRYING to email you back…no luck.  Old computer.  Very sorry.
Anyway, mine thickened right up.  So I would just review the steps again.  Make sure your bar of Fels-Naptha is melted down completely and the water is hot.   If you did this, I will ask my mom, she has made it more than I have and might have a suggestion.   Put your email address in your comment, and I will get back with you.
I read LOTS while in the hospital with Avery.  One I read that I liked (kind of a fluffy piece) is the The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale.  It is a bit cheesy.   And at one point I wasn’t sure I would like how things end up (I am sucker for a happy ending).  But it all turns out fine.  And it is a fairly quick read too. 

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  1. hey, thanks for responding. I did the steps exactly...hot water and everything. So if you could ask your mom that would be great. My email is anne@floralshowers.com