Potato, Bean and Bacon “Soup”

by Stephanie

So fall is upon us.  At least here it is.  And along with that canning and the last of the fresh fruits and veges. 

My darling friend Jami brought her daughter to hang out with Avery for a few hours on Saturday.  And also brought some fresh green beans from the batch she had for canning.  I LOVE fresh green beans!  I love them as a side dish, but this “soup” is amazing too.  Quick, easy and warm on a brisk fall night.  All in one pot so less dishes too.  And it is continuing our "bacon” theme.   And in about 20 minutes too! 


Potato, Bean and Bacon Soup

serves 6

1/2 lb. thick sliced bacon sliced into 1” pieces

2-4 cups water

5-6 medium potatoes diced into 1” pieces

1 lb. fresh green beans sliced into 1” pieces

1/2 tsp Salt and pepper

In large pot put in bacon and start to cook over low heat.  Stirring occasionally until fat is rendered and bacon is starting to crisp.  Add beans, potatoes salt and pepper.  Then add enough water just to cover.  Turn heat to med-high and bring to a boil.  Turn to medium and cook until potatoes are fork tender.  Turn off heat and serve immediately.   I LOVE a pat of butter and more salt and pepper to finish it off.

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