Sunshine and Miracles

by Stephanie
For those of you who know me, this spring was especially hard.  We moved from Vegas last Sept. to the Northwest coast.  It rained in Vegas, about every 30 days.  And we had cloudy days…occasionally.  Up here in the Northwest, rain and clouds are the constant, or just about.  I had seasonal depression before when we lived in Idaho.  But usually by May it was gone.  Not here.  It was July 26th, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law had come to visit and it was 64 degrees!  I cooked a turkey because I refused to turn on my house heater in JULY!  It just seemed wrong.  So the oven on for four hours was enough to heat up the house.  Depressing just thinking about it!
I had planned on taking the kidos for two weeks to get some sunshine, but then the doctors had found Avery’s tumor the end of June.  But she was perfectly healthy except for the occasional seizure.  I was afraid my vacation couldn’t happen.  But then they said it was a kind of tumor that basically didn’t grow and wouldn’t ever be a problem for her.  Our church had decided to do a special fast for her and our family.  At the time I felt a little silly since it really seemed to be nothing.  And there were other families, like my friend Jami and her son Billy who was born with a heart condition and needed another procedure, that could use the prayers and attention.   Vacation was back on, hurray!!  We went to Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.  I got sunshine.  I remember the second day of being at a pool, I told my bff (Dawn) I finally felt “normal”.  I felt like myself again after literally months of depression.  I didn’t realize how bad it was, but once I was back in sunshine, I felt a huge difference. 
After reflecting on the events of the past few months, I feel that the reason Avery didn’t have any other symptoms of her tumor until August was to give me time to get some sunshine and rejuvenate.   That fast was for me.  That I needed that in order to deal with what was coming.  I can’t imagine dealing with Avery’s surgery and health while seriously depressed.  It would be bad.   So thanks to those to fasted and prayed for my little girl and our family.  It was a miracle that  I needed.  And I am very grateful.

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