Endocrinology and shoes

By Stephanie

We are still wondering if Avery’s pituitary gland is working.  Right now she appears fine, but you can’t survive if your pituitary isn’t working without medication.   They will take her off all the meds in2 to 3 months and test her to see.  You can’t really test the pituitary, you have to test the glands it runs.  It’s kind of hard to know for sure.  Some things, like growth, we can’t tell for months or years.  For other things, like blood sugar, you can check right away.  Right now her thyroid is borderline low.  So they are putting her on a low dose of a thyroid med.  And she is cortisone dependant.  It is what the adrenal glands make.  She could die if she doesn’t get enough.  Kind of scary.  They are decreasing her dose to a more maintenance dose rather than the bigger one they had her on right after surgery.  It affects anything that your body reacts to, like stress, illness, injury, her body can’t respond.  So we have to give her a 3X dose of her hydrocortisone if any of those things occur.  It is a lot to remember, but I am getting better.  I can even spell most medical terms almost correct the first time. 



I am OBSESSED with these shoes.  They are a high heel (for anyone who knows me well I prefer at least 3 1/2” heels).  They are a black oxford type shoe with a ribbon tie.  I found a few that totally fit the bill…only they are $200 at Zappos. Not in the budget.  Sears actually had some at the end of their season, but by the time I saw them they only had 5 1/2’s left.  I am NOT a  5 1/2.  So I have been hunting them ever since.  If you see some, under $60, let me know. 

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