Sleep and Meds

by Stephanie

So we made it through our first night home.  She is still having trouble sleeping.  And getting up and down the stairs is very slow and she HAS to have someone with her.  But she had a shower, washed her hair and is doing pretty good.

We still don’t know if her pituitary glad is working.  They have her on a VERY strong steroid that is taking over for it right now.  Over the next 10 days we will wean her off that one and then get her on Hydrocortisone.  Then they can test her adrenals to see if they are working or not.  I am hopeful that they are.   Otherwise she will be on meds for the rest of her life.  Which is fine.  However, I am really hoping that her pituitary is going to come back and be fine.  But in the meantime, if she gets sick, breaks a bone, gets in an accident, or any other high stress situation…she needs extra Cortisone or if she can’t take a pill…a shot.  I had to learn how to give a shot.  Hopefully that NEVER happens.  But now I know how to. 

I also had to order her a medical id bracelet.  I just got the one from Medic-alert.  That way they have a number to call to get additional info on her conditions and meds.  It wasn’t any more than the ones without the phone number.  And once we get it she wants to take the band off it and make a beaded one.  So it looks more like jewelry.  Ok.  You just had brain surgery, so I will accommodate your need for bling. 

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