Special Request

by Stephanie

If you were thinking of sending Avery something, and just didn’t know what to send her, she really could use one or two of those track suits.  (she is a 10/12 or a 10).  We have lots of appointments we are going to be going back and forth and I think she would feel comfy in a track suit.  Plus those days she needs to just sleep, they feel as good as pjs. 

But REALLY, don’t run out and buy her one if you weren’t already planning on sending something (yes, Kathy Roller, I am talking to you).  But IF you wanting to send something already.  This might be a good idea. 

Or if it is easier and cheaper, send a gift certificate.  We have about everything within 10-15 minutes from our house. 

And thank you to everyone for all the cards, dinners, laundry, house cleaning, snacks, magazines, stuffed animals and prayers.  We are so very blessed!!

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