A Call for Help

By Stephanie

   We met with the ladies from our Make-a-wish a few days ago.  They are rushing us through so that we can go before/if she looses more sight.

First, Avery sight is still getting worse.   I know!  I thought we were winning that battle, but I guess not.  She has so little, and yes, that night I cried.  I know that there are plenty of people that live a full life without sight.  I just didn’t expect her to be one of them.  The nurse, Corey,  said the fact that she has any left after the last few weeks is hopeful.  I am hopeful. 

Second, I looked at a few blogs of families that got to go to Disneyworld for their wishes.  Like this sweet family that is a friend of my friend Kathy’s.  And this family too.  It makes me SUPER excited. 

Then Kathy mentioned that if the girls are dressed up like princesses, all the Disney staff call them “your highness” and bow.  I TOTALLY forgot about this.  We actually did this when we went to Disneyland when the girls were little.

Here is pic of Avery in Jedi training…in her princess dress.  Before we knew about the tumor. 


Florida will be too hot for full dresses.  So my sister and Kathy have sent a few ideas of dresses and outfits for the trip.

Like these

Tiana skirt

tiana skirt

Snow White Dress

snow white dress

Minnie Mouse Skirt

minnie mouse skirt

Or these DARLING headbands!!

princess headband


I SO want to make this the most amazing trip for all my kids.  I have a few ideas of things I can be working on (sewing, yay!)  But I need some help.  I don’t think I can do five outfits before we leave in a month or so.  If you know of anyone that does pettiskirts, PLEASE let me know.  Especially if they would like to a Make-a-wish kid and her sisters! 

One of the other challenges this adds is her size.  I don’t know if you know what steroids does to you…but it’s not fun.  She is retaining about 8-10 lbs of water.  It’s about 10-12% of her body weight.  Imagine that.  She is a size 14-16 right now.  Most of this stuff, even I could buy it, doesn’t come in those sizes.  So I am begging for some help to make this happen. 

Hope you have a bright sunny weekend!!!

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  1. Steph on pinterest they have aprons for all the princess you can make.