Our Make-a-wish

by Stephanie

Ok, so I am a CRAZY mom, who is totally going overboard for this trip.

Don’t judge.

If you ever get lucky/unlucky enough to go for a Make-a-wish,  I will support your insanity.

All the way.

We have our dates, May 13-19th.  I don’t have flight info yet, so it might change, but it sounded pretty firm. 

We can’t stay at the Make a wish resort.  It’s booked out for months.  But we will be in a Disney Hotel, don’t know which one yet.  Couldn’t really care less. 

We do get to participate in all the things that go on at the Make a wish resort.  Like the food and the swimming and the rides. 

We get a three day hopper pass for Disneyworld and their parks, a two day pass for Universal Studios, and one day for SeaWorld. 

SeaWorld wasn’t even something we considered.  Payton will love it.  She loves animals. 

I am working on a PLAN.  So that we can see everything we want to in the time allowed. 

I did already book her surf lessons.  They were an added expense.  They give us some extra funds to cover things like this….and food.   You could spend hundreds of dollars on food there!  

We are all SUPER excited!  I even asked Chris about a character lunch.  At first he said “no”, but then he realized the girls would LOVE it…he said “whatever”.  Which means, “I don’t really want to go,but if it makes my girls happy, I will.”  Good dad. 

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  1. I don't think you're crazy at all! I'd go all out as it is a chance of a lifetime. Sorry I missed you during Spring Break, my sister and her hubby were in town and then we left EARLY Monday morning for a week in Cali!! Looks like you had a great time here though.