Spring Break

By Stephanie

So we had a great spring break.  Most of it was fun, sun and relaxing.  My friend Jen gave a party for Avery’s birthday.  She made French bread pizza and this DARLING cake.


Sorry for the bright light in the background. I’m obviously not use to sunlight! 

Those are a few of Avery’s darling friends from Vegas.  Savannah, Camryn, Heather and my Hallie.  We took them to “Mirror, Mirror”.  It was a perfect movie for their age group.  And thus the Snow White themed cake.  Jen did a darling craft with handheld mirrors from the dollar store.  She had glue, feathers, glitter, beads and puffy paint that they decorated their mirrors with.  A bit of a mess, but the kids loved it!

We also had a great time with family.  My niece Katelyn, who got married last summer (and we missed her wedding) was there.  My sis-in-law (Katelyn’s mom) Lisa is an amazing photographer and got these pics.  I LOVE them!!

kate and avery kate avery and tarren

Terran was tickling Avery and she was laughing so hard.  Those are some great memories. 

And Lisa’s youngest daughter Taylor is like a sister to my oldest Nathan.  They are 6 months apart and when they were young, people thought they were twins.  Here is a pic when they were little.

nate and taylor

And here is now.  And they get along as if they haven’t spent a day apart.

taylor and nate

Now for the not so great memories. 


Avery puked.  An entire Cafe Rio salad. And guess who got to clean it up?  It has cured our cravings…at least for a long time for Cafe Rio.  For most of us the flu sucks.  For Avery, it means it sucks a lot more.  If she has a fever over 101 degrees she is to be RUSHED to the hospital.  So two hours after puking her guts out, we went to the hospital. 

I learned a few things.  Number one, I LOVE Seattle Children’s Hospital (not that I ever didn’t love them or their staff).  They are awesome.  Number two, Las Vegas has a children’s hospital.  But I didn’t find out until hours after going to the ER of a regular hospital.  When they informed me that her platelets were low, but they couldn’t do the infusion.  it would have to be done at the children’s hospital across town.  Of course. 


But she did get to use the cute new blanket her Aunt Natalie made for her. 

And she got a cute balloon, and some vitamin D as we were leaving.



This was on Thursday.  Our plane was leaving Friday evening.  We didn’t know if we would make it.  But we did.  Once home they rest of us except my hubby Chris all got the flu.  But I have some great tan lines and it is a great diet after a trip.  One way to get off the extra pounds! 

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  1. First - did not know Katelyn was MARRIED! I have been out of the loop (and feel incredibly old now). Lisa's pictures are great. Thanks for the spring break update!