Low Vision Help

By Stephanie

We went to Avery’s low vision appointment.  They weren’t there to assess her vision, just try different magnifiers and such. 

   I got glasses when I was in the 6th grade.  I remember the first time I went outside with them on.  I could actually see the leaves on the trees.  It was amazing.  I think Avery had a similar experience.  She kept saying “wow” and looking at different things.  

  They let her borrow four different magnifiers.  One is a pair of glasses.  I asked them how they were better than the one’s you buy in like say…Wal-Mart?  They said these where bowed to see with both eyes.  She called them prism. I don’t know that I am convinced, I think I will take her and have her try on the ones that you can get cheap and see if she can tell which is better.

     She also got a monocular.  Like binoculars, but only one.  She can adjust it and use it to see far away.  I had her use it on the way home.  She was good and slug-a-bug before.  But now…watch out.  She can actually see!

     The last two are to hold over papers.  She tried these, but prefers the glasses.  Partly because when she is working on homework, she can’t see the entire part of the problem with the hand held magnifiers.  And she used the glasses to play piano.  She said it made a big difference. 

   Luckily these items aren’t going to break the bank.  These are all under $100 each. We have some money from your generous donations to cover it.  So thanks again to all who have contributed.  

   We go back in two weeks to return the items and order what she needs.  I am also going to ask her Ophthalmologist when we go on May 3rd about getting bi-focals instead.  Weird to think that my 9 year old will need them, but it might be a good option.  We will see! (get the pun…)

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