Traveling with Kids

By Stephanie

This trip is going to be different than any we have taken.  My kids are use to traveling.  From the time they were very young, I have taken them on 6 hour trips, mostly from Las Vegas to Utah County. 

  But that was not with a kid with medical issues.  This one is a bit longer travel time too.

Since we are leaving so soon on our Make-a-wish trip they weren’t able to get us direct flights.  SO…..

The flight out goes through Washington D.C.  The trip home goes through Houston, TX.  Our travel time each way is over 8 hours.  I think the other kids I can keep occupied, but Hallie, my little five year old bopper, is going to be a challenge to keep happy. 

They also no longer serve meals on planes.  I would love some food ideas too.  Obviously sandwiches and snacks.  We can’t bring drinks, so we will have to buy these. 

We are SUPER excited! 

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