I am…

By Stephanie
I went to an ANWA meeting last night.  It’s an LDS women’s writer group.  I read my first chapter to them and when one of the women (who is published) said, “yep, you are a writer.”  I can’t tell you how thrilling that was to hear! 
We use labels to help define who we are.  I felt I was a writer, but when someone else, who is published, says it.  It helps confirm and motivate. 
My sister, Amy told me about ANWA when I told her I was writing a book.  Now that I have had some help in starting the editing of the book, I felt like I could start to get some real critique of the book too.  Some fresh eyes. 
My friend Rebecca belongs to the ANWA chapter here, so last night I tagged along with her.  It was AMAZING!  They had great feedback and I learned a ton.  I have a list of books that I would like to read now, including some of the groups work.  
I know I won’t be able to attend every month with Avery’s treatment, but I will definately join and use them to better my writing and maybe get published…one day.

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  1. Good to know where you're at with this. I'd let myself take some time off since I knew things with Avery were busy. I'll get back at it :)