By Stephanie

The one constant in life is that it is always changing….

Then why is it as women we are hardly ever content?  We are most always looking for something in the future.  A good example is my hair.  I am either growing it out, looking for a great short do, wanting bangs, wanting to grow out the bangs I had cut, getting ready for a color change, or wanting highlights.  And this usually comes within a week of having it done.  Why?   Why can’t I just be happy with what I have…for more than a week? 

Same goes for our living conditions.  (At least for me).  Right now we are in a beautful place.  Literally.  But then I look at the temperature in Vegas…and I am totally jealous.  Our house here has a ton of personality.  It was built in 1900.  Anything built in 1900 has been torn down in Vegas.  The houses pretty much look the same, stucco with tile roof.  And rocks as landscaping…Here we have lush green…and flowers.

See..this is out our window on the side of the house….


this is out my kitchen, and yes that is a bunny that just hopped over from next door…



Who would not KILL for this view (no it’s not mine, but we live about 20 minutes from here..)


Or not have your heart full when you see this…(yep about 30 minutes from us)


And this is what I see when I take my kido to softball…I have to drive through these feilds



And yet…I can’t help but want to get to our next step.  In my husbands career we are at a place where the next few promotions will be moves.  Big moves.  Most like to a different state.  It should happen within the next year (we are hoping).  Maybe as soon as in six months.  And I am anxious to start planning and packing.  Since my crystal ball still isn’t working, I have no idea when or where.  So you would think I would be content, just enjoy it here….um….not really.  I am trying…

Don’t get me wrong.  I am grateful he has a great job.  With places to move up.  And we aren’t worried if his paycheck is going to clear (we know..we have been there too).  We have a home that works for us and is close to shopping and his work.  Rent is pretty cheap.  The kidos have a great school with fantastic teachers.  We have some great friends here…and….still anxious to get to our next step. 

It might be that I am to learn patience…again.  Really?  You would think I would have that one down.  Alas, no, not yet.  So I will continue to work on it and try to stop and enjoy the lush green of our current surroundings.  And try to not be jealous of those that have made it over 70 degrees this year! (If you are tan and swimming already this year, I don’t want to even know about it!!)

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