Jeans redo

by Stephanie

Ok.  This might be kind of a stretch to say “redo”.  But they did have a hole…that you can no longer see.

Usually by this time of year my kids are in shorts….full time.  But here in the northwest…we are lucky to hit anything over 65 degrees.  So….no shorts…yet.  And yet, they have holes and are growing out of them.  I REALLY don’t want to buy new pants.  They will get about a months wear and then put them away only to get them out in the fall and they will be too small.  I am coming up with creative solutions…like a heart.  Right on her little bootay. 

Here is the before.  Seriously…how did she get that?  Was she sliding around on her behind?  I have no idea….


And here is the after…..


Okay, not earth shattering.  But I am pretty proud that I didn’t have to buy another pair of pants and we can make these works. 

I had some denim and cut a heart to fit and just zig zagged the edges with navy thread into place. 

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  1. Very cute! You are so crafty! How did I not know you moved? I thought you were still here in Vegas. Your pics are beautiful. I would kill for some green. I guess you are right we are never content. :)