Mother’s Day

By Stephanie
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  To my mother, my mother-in-law, to all you out there with kids and those that “mother” even if you haven’t given birth. 
My father-in-law called to wish me an early Happy Mother’s Day.  I told him I was changing my name to “dad” for that one day as my gift.  He laughed.  It’s true.  When they fight ,“mom” they yell.  When they can’t find one of their shoes, “mom” they yell.  When they can’t reach the cereal, “mom, mom, mom”.  I hear it all day, every day.  So for one day I am going to let my hubby answer to that. 
I also got myself another gift.  Why did you get yourself a gift you ask?  Doesn’t your hubby get you one?  Yes.  My hubby gives fantastic's gifts….every five years.  It’s true.  In 14 years of marriage I have received diamond earrings, a diamond necklace and a coach purse.  One more year and he is up for another gift.  Sooooooo……in the meantime I have learned not to look at it as a problem, but a blessing.  Every Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day, I pick out what I want, I pay for it and enjoy it.  No returns necessary.  I always get just what I wanted.    And no he doesn’t cook either.  He usually isn’t allowed in the kitchen unless it is to pour cereal or milk for the little ones.  So that isn’t an option either.  (Yes, I cook on Mother’s Day, and every other day).
This year was no exception.  I got a book.  Don’t roll your eyes.  Yes, it is a book on “mothering”.  Try to stay with me…it is called “A Mother’s Mite” by Deanne Flynn.  She was speaking at a conference I went to, but actually before I know that, my own mother told me about this book.  It talks about the widows mite being all she had and she gave all and how we as mothers give all we  have, even when it seems a pittance.  She also has a website.  It is a great forum to see what other mothers are doing.  There are recipes and stories from women that help “fill our buckets” and help us to realize…we are not alone!  Other mom’s feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. 
So have a wonderful Mother’s Day…..

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