by Stephanie



Zulily.  Have you seen this site?  If you have little kids, you should check it out.  Actually there are lots of great things for women too.  But it’s the kids stuff that is getting me.  They really do have some great prices on things!  I am NOT being paid to say this.  I just am drooling over a few of their dresses, swimsuits and accessories.  So I thought I would share for those of you that haven’t been on.  AND if you get friends to sign up, you can get a $15 credit.  That is $15 for EACH friend!!  That can add up fast.  See their site for details. 

They are a site that has events each day…so if you see something you like, you might want to jump on it.  But they have a huge variety and for the things I have been looking at…good prices.

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