PSSSST! Let me tell you a secret!

by: Jenn

Ok so all of my little blog buddies out there, I want to tell you a great secret that I found a little while ago. This secret product will help you with most of your body issues…. I know, I know, how many times have we heard this, but I really promise this works. This product I found will help you with cellulite, it will help you with large pores on your legs from shaving. It will help you get rid of shaving bumps on you bikini area and your under arms, not to mention STRETCH MARKS will diminish in size and color and possibly DISAPEAR! IF you suffer from bacne (which is acne of the back) it will help with that, while giving your skin a great anti-aging lift. This is also a really great product for those tiny bumps people can get on the back of their arms called keratosis Polaris.

Are you dying to know what this product is…. what if I told you you can buy it at target for 2.94. No I am not kidding it really is that cheap and easy. Okay I have held you out long enough  the miracle product I am talking about is the Saint Ives Apricot scrub! This little beauty has it all in one bottle. The key is the tiny apricot seeds ground up to be even tinier little scrubbies. In Cosmetology school and when I went on to get my Master Esthetician license I learned how important exfoliation is for your skin. Most anything you go and do at a spa for your face and skin are just different forms of exfoliation. Dermabraision, glycolic peels, lactic peels, facials, salt scrubs (and the list goes on and on) these are all different exfoliation methods. The “secret” ingredient in those proactive bottles is salicylic acid which is an exfoliant! Retnin-A which is great for anti-aging, Exfoliant! I am telling you people start exfoliating and you will see  a great deal of difference in your skin. The best one I have found in the saint Ives apricot scrub because its gentle enough to use in the shower everyday and all over to get great skin from head to toe.    

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