Thank you to our military

by Stephanie

Sorry for the pause in posts.  I had a wonderful women’s conference last weekend (I will post more on that later), Jenny is a busy mom of little ones and Amy had been sick (she had surgery a few weeks ago and is in the hospital with an infection). 

There are some tutorials and recipes I am working on..but they aren’t ready yet. 

So I will take this opportunity to thank our military.  Those amazing men and women and their families who sacrifice everything to make sure we are safe.  I can’t imagine having a husband that is in the line of fire and not knowing if they are okay.  Going to bed each night praying for them.  So that we can walk down the street.   Or go to the grocery store.  Or send the kids to school. 

Thank you doesn’t seem to even begin to express how much I appreciate the freedoms we have because of the many, many lives lost now and over the generations. 

I only hope that we can see the bigger picture so that we don’t give away those freedoms.  I am praying for them and us…

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  1. Stephanie.... Is amy in AF hospital? This is Andrea Fernelius