Won Ton hand pies

by Stephanie

I usually have left over wonton or spring roll wrappers.  I don’t like to throw away anything.  Especially food.  So one night we tried an experiment and it went well…so I will share.  Take each wrapper and fill it with some sort of pieish filling.  We started out with chocolate ganache and nuts, then apple pie filling, then nutella.  Peaches would be great too.  Really anything you have had in a pie that won’t melt.  (I don’t think pudding would work, but you are welcome to try if you really want to).   Then make sure to use water and dip your finger in the water and go around all the edges.  Then fold and seal it shut (let out the air too when you do this).  Then heat up a LOT of oil.  I used canola oil in a deep and large stock pot about 6” deep.  But if you have a deep fryer (lucky) use that.  Heat your oil to 350 degrees and drop those babies in a few at a time.  Watch out they bubble up fast.  And they only take a few seconds (like 15-30) on each side.  Flip to cook other side.   Pull them out and let them cool slightly and top with powdered sugar (or whipped cream) before diggin in. 


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