What’s for dinner?

By Stephanie

When I get my show on the food network, it’s going to be called “What’s For Dinner”?  Isn’t that the question we face…EVERYDAY?  Sometimes when my kids have had a long day…it’s the first thing they ask when they walk in the door from school. 

Whether you are married, single, have kids or don’t…you always have to decide…what’s for dinner.  Unless you are one of the blessed who has someone else that figures that out for you.  But even if you end up at a restaurant, you still need to decide…what’s for dinner.   You decide if it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or non of the above.  Sometimes it’s frozen pizza or cold cereal.  Or the quintessential American meal of hotdogs and mac & cheese.  Sometimes we just need those options.  And sometimes it is pot stickers, fried rice and Dan Dan noodles. 

I have had some help over the years in figuring out…..what’s for dinner.  Along with my recipes, I will have a few posts of things we have done to help you solve this mystery in your home. 

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