Bliss Fabric

by Stephanie
I have an obsession with FABRIC!  I do like almost all fabrics, but designer quilt fabrics are a HUGE problem.  For a while I made purses…just so I could buy more fabric.   So I could tell my husband I HAD to buy it, you know, to make more purses. 

It was fun, but was turning into a “job”.  I have a job.  I am the baker, transportation director, housekeeper, tutor, laundress, cook, seamstress and more.  Yes, I am a stay at home for four growing kids.  I am plenty busy.  So purses, fun, but kind of done.  Yes, if someone offers me an obscene amount of money, yes, I would make them one.  But it would have to be obscene.
I also have three daughters that I get to sew for.  (yep only one boy, the teen years might be rough).  My niece announced her engagement and I thought what a great reason to make the girls a new dress.  When she told me her colors were red and aqua I just about died.  I was THRILLED!!  I had been drooling over Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  TO DIE FOR CUTE!  Now I had a great reason to buy some. 
And here is what I did with it….
home in wa
I know, I know.  Totally Darling!!  I let the girls pick their own fabric (from this collection) and pattern (from my drawer).  The oldest wanted the polka dot and I loved it so much I used it as the accent in all three.  If you paid my a ridiculous amount of money, I would make some for your girls too.  But it would have to be ridiculous. 

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