Cheetah baby

by Stephanie
We are renting, so I can't paint. Ok, the landlord says it's ok, but my husband won't let me paint. The walls that is. So...I am redoing a few things. Amy (sister #1) sent me this fab cheetah print. LOVE IT!! I changed the bed to another wall. So much better, it looks larger in the room now. And I actually darkened the aqua cover and pillow shams with rit dye (total mess, but works fabulous, still have blue fingernails) since I took this pic, but it is a work in progess so I will post more later. The other prints are from Blush by Basic Gray for Moda. Designer quilt fabric is my vice. (Not the only one, just the one I will admit to) I just (sigh) every time I walk in the room now....


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