by Stephanie

So I noticed something taking pics of my food.  I have ugly pans.  And my presentation needs work.  Lots of work.  Everything tastes good (at least I think so, and my thighs are the proof) .  But looking fantastic and awesome…not so much. 

And it starts with my ugly pans.  Not really ugly, just over used.  My non-stick skillet is no longer non-stick.  I have one decent sauce pan, because I had a Pyrex one that broke so I had to replace it two years ago.  My sheet pans look dirty but that is just cause I can’t get all that stuff off that has been baked on for 10 years.  Oh and I lost one of them so now I am down to one cookie sheet.  Not good for that poor pan.   My big colander had the bottom break off over a year ago so it doesn’t stand up on the counter, you have to prop it up in the sink.  My Crockpot will NEVER come clean (I use at least twice a week if not more).  My poor kitchen-aid (although it looks pretty, it’s red) smokes a bit when doing more than 3 loaves and bread and hesitates when you turn it on.  I cook.  A lot.  So my pans are used…a lot.  It shows.  

And I can’t even hide them.  In this house they have a pot rack.  (our table was too big to fit under it so yes, we occasionally hit our heads on the ugly pots). 


The only cool cooking pan is the one in the middle with the yellowish orange and decorated with fruit.  That little gem was a hand-me-down from my grandma (who passed on over 20 years ago). 

I just figure if you are looking at the ugly pans you don’t notice the purple wall color. 

Here is hoping for some new pans this year….

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