By Amy
The office I want you to see

“Perfection is pride stepping on your creativity” Robin Sue of Big Red Kitchen
I just love this quote.  I think this fits me to a “T”.  I love to decorate and cook and sew, but if I don't do it perfectly, I beat myself up about it.  When I want to post something on a blog, I look at all the other blogs and think, “how do I think I can compete with these people who are infinitely more talented than me?“  But that’s not why I should post.  I am not so much competing with them, as I’m looking to express myself and find my own style and creative voice.   Then I think, "I want to do everything right and not make any mistakes."  But isn’t that part of being human?  We’re not going to do everything perfectly.  Mortality is a messy business, and perfection is too cold, too impersonal.  We need some more humanity in our lives, not more perfection.

The Real Office - How it usually looks!

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