My little BIG project!

by Jenny




So just like many of you out there my husband and I have fallen on hard times, aka we have no money, and we have just moved into this house that his grandparents own while he is finishing school. This really is great because the rent is nice, by which I mean we have no rent, so I really cant complain, or shouldn’t, its just one thing, the entire house is pink and blue! No I am not exaggerating, the entire house has either blue or pink in one way or another all over, from ceiling to floor. So I have decided to remodel the house, with of course the grandparents consent. So I am going to take you along for the ride and we will together take the ups and downs of this little home! We will be starting in the living room because it’s the first room you see when you walk in my home and first on the list is the wallpaper which has got to go. So this week I will be ripping it off and trying different ways allowing me to be able to tell you which method works the best! so stay tuned and we will take this cute little home and make it a great and fabulous little home!

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