by Stephanie

So Amy (other sister who has not posted yet), found this fabulous site about fashion and using what you already have.  I also have four great sisters and mom that we occasionally trade clothes.  Case in point, I called my mother to get some undershirts from Down East Outfitter (look under tees on the link) and she said “wait a minute”, checked her closet and had all but one that I was looking for (she had 3 out of the 4).  WAYOO!  And she wasn’t using them so she is bring them to me…for free!!  I love to swap out stuff.  Some of my favorite things have come from swapping.   I have a sister-in-law that wears the same size shoes as me plus loves a 4” heel.  LOVE her hand-me-downs!  And when (for whatever reason) I don’t fit into something I have sisters to pass it to. 

I love the 30 for 30 challenge she has listed.  I am totally going to do this!!  Bloglandia has so many great ideas!  I seriously get sucked in…for hours….now I am going to do the laundry, then assess my closet for 30 things….

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