Bring me up to date..

By Stephanie
I know every 5-8 years you should revisit your closet and makeup bag.  However when you are in “survival” mode.  You make what you have do.  Now that we are getting settled in with a steady paycheck again, I did it.  I bought my FIRST pair of skinny jeans! 
I watch What Not To Wear often enough to know women with hips (me!) shouldn’t wear them.  But my sisters sent these DIVINE boots click here to see.   I had to have something to show off these boots…it had to be skinny jeans.  I tried jeggings….um….NOPE!  Way to tight and I felt a bit…..exposed.  But the skinny jeans were not too bad. 
So then I realized it is seasonal depression time.  Yep, I have been feeling a bit gloomy.  I can’t go to Hawaii yet, but I can get my hair done (check), get a cute outfit (check) and address my makeup…hum…
So at lunch I had a new friend here tell me about Kandy Johnson.  The makeup lady.  I had never heard of Kandy.  So I googled her when I got home and WOW!   Totally impressed.  And without buying anything new (yet) and not much time I updated my look.   Staring with my brows.  I  LOVE a sculpted brow.  But I have never had one.  And I didn’t know where to start.  She shows you how step by step.  I really feel like I look younger!  Not quite a day on the sunny beach, but it does help me feel better…

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