Wallpaper Update...

By Jen
So I wanted to update all of you on how my wallpaper party was coming, and let me tell you, it has been one big party! NOT! It has been a nightmare to take off. The problem is when I started to take off the paper I discovered that there were two other layers underneath! Apparently when they would wallpaper their houses back in the day they would just go over what was there. But the good news is there are products that work out there and will make it easier for you so here is my run down:
Hot water= OK but you still need to scrape a bit and you need to really soak it
Water and vinegar= NOTHING, this did nothing
Water and liquid fabric softener=Not so much more than the water alone
DIF= This was my favorite but you really have to let it sit for about 20-30 mi. and it really makes a big difference.
If you are going to be taking down wallpaper make sure to do out and get yourself a bottle of DIF and a good scrapper from your local hardware store and you will be a lot better off! The next step will be painting and I will post pictures of the room when that part is done.

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