Coffee Table Redo

by Stephanie

So, I have been really busy getting ready for family to come.  Along with cleaning and cooking, I squeezed in a few projects….

One of them this coffee table.  I found this at a thrift store in southern WA for $8!  The paint I already had and the wood for the bottom shelf was about $6.  So for under $15, new coffee table for the kidos to use for drawing and coloring.  We go through about a ream of paper a month!! 

I know, I know, it needs some super fab baskets.  I’m working on it.   But at least the painting and shelf is done. 

Before…yep, I forgot to take a pic while it was put together….but you get the idea



and after….yes, white is the color of choice right now….


Just follow the formula…..

Sand (or in my case use liquid sander..SO much easier)


Paint-for the border I just taped it off with painters tape and used a dark brown craft paint.


For the “shelf” we used 2”X1” pieces of wood, hubby did the rest. 


  1. wow! looks good! i am always so impressed with people who can find this furniture so cheap! then make it look so beautiful!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for saying hi on my blog. Hope your cute little family is doing well. Great work with the table. I'm going CRAZY with paint around here right now - in fact I fear I might be a little intoxicated :)

  3. $8!? No way! It looks great, I love that bottome shelf!