The Basket Case

Before- basket with LOTS of potential!
So, remember the Tease article I posted SEVERAL weeks ago?  "I found this really great rusty metal basket at a local store I like to visit regularly, The Planted Earth Floral.  They are actually a florist, but it's also a great place full of antiques, tchotchkes, jewelry and all kinds of surprising treasures.  I have been looking for something like this to complete a DIY project around my home."

Well, I fully expected to get this DIY project done in a hurry, but life got in the way and prevented it.  So, after a much longer wait than I intended, I am ready for my reveal.  I began with a boring builder-grade light fixture that was ingored during the renovation of our home with the idea that I would find something I like, but I didn't so we have lived with this:

For over 13 years!

I can't believe it has been that long, BUT I have continually looked for something that would work in my 8' high kitchen work area but wouldn't hang down so low that we were in danger of hitting our heads every time we entered the kitchen.  Yes, recessed lighting would have been ideal with pendants over the bar area, but we had used up the alotted money for other things in the reno and so that was not an option. I looked and looked, but never found anything I was willing to spend my money on.  And so, I decided to make my own light fixture and I love it!  Here is the finished product:

After - personality and looks, who could ask for more?
 A rusty light fixture close to the ceiling, that's NOT a boob light?  Plus one that has lots of unique personality?!  Can I get a WOOT, WOOT? 

All I did was remove the ugly glass cover, and AFTER I turned off the power at the fuse box, I removed the light fixture painted the ugly brassy part with a favorite product (that I will tell you about later in another great project) that made the fixture look old and rusty. After it was finished, I held the basket up while threading the wires through a center hole before reattaching the wiring to the ceiling.  I did have to go to the hardware store and find longer screws that would reach the ceiling because of the added space caused by the basket.  This wasn't too difficult as I had the original screws, I just had to find the same circumference, just a little longer.  I did buy the clear lightbulbs which I believe look better if you were to look straight up at them (which no one will ever do but me!), and added some vellum that I hot glued on. But I think it looks better and now I have a perfectly great and unique light fixture! What do you think?


  1. I think it's awesome! The vellum was a really good idea.
    And I'm glad that we're not the only family that calls certain light fixtures "boob lights"!

  2. That wire basket is so unique! I love how you made it into a light fixture. It looks beautiful on your ceiling and is a vast improvement from your previous fixture.

  3. Cool! What an innovative fixture- it looks great.

  4. Visitng from FJI. Give yourself a pat on the back. Nice job!

  5. This looks so good!! Great idea!


  6. I love your basket light. What a great idea. The velum looks great!

    I featured it on my TT&J facebook page and linked to you :)


  7. Love the light. Your idea was great!

  8. Coming over for a visit from TT&J's FB link. This looks awesome...and I'm going to follow you now so I can find out about that awesome mystery product later, you tease, haha.

  9. Yep .. I like. Good good job.

  10. The basket is such a great find. The vellum is a terrific addition. Love it.

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  11. Gorgeous! Fantastic idea and execution! I'd love for you to come visit my blog sometime, www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  12. Saw this on Better After, fab-u-lous solution.

  13. I think it is very creative and looks wonderful. Great Job!