By Stephanie

To expand on Amy’s earlier post about perfection, I don’t have the problem of perfection.  If it looks ok I am ok not to unpick or repaint or rebake.  It’s fine with me.  However in pictures, especially for you (my blog audience) I do want it to appear, well, great. 

But I love it when a blogger posts a pic of their REAL laundry room.  The one with all the laundry everywhere.  That way I know that they are really living in that house.  It isn’t a model home next door they go over to decorate, take pictures and pretend to live there. 

I do think we put our best foot forward, especially when it comes to what we post.  I usually don’t take pics of me yelling at my kids, or when I serve them mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch, yep,  it happens.  Or notice I didn’t zoom in on the drip marks on the armoire.  But yep, they are there.  So I guess it feels good to try to uplift, but know we are real women too.  We try to create things that make feel good.  Decorate and fill our homes with love.  Cook and fill their bellies and minds with new things.  We are stay at home mom’s not trying to fill a void, but of learning to create and experience.   I like Nester’s philosophy of decorating and life.  I try to remember “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”.  In all areas of life. 

Hopefully this blog uplifts you and inspires you to create.  Don’t think we are perfect.  We are not.  Just trying to live our best life and share it with you. 

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