by Stephanie

I am NOT a dieter.  First we have pretty good genes.  Not supermodel after four kids genes, but good.  But I HATE to not eat good food.  But I have been at a plateau for about two years.  I don’t LOVE to exercise, but it’s better than not eating.   I did find an exercise program I can totally commit to.  Even six days a week.  Because it only takes 8-12 minutes a day.  It’s called 20 Second Fitness.

One of the girls at church has started a program of just keeping track of her calories and has lost 10 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks!  Totally proud of her!  So I decided it was time I tried to REALLY watch what I eat.  So I signed up for a TOTALLY FREE website called my fitness pal.  AWESOME!  Really it’s just keeping track of your exercise and calories.  BIG wake up!  I have been eating way more than I should have.  Actually, not real surprise.  I mean you really can’t expect to eat alfredo once a week if you want to be healthy and fit….

So far, not too bad.  We even went out of town and I stayed pretty much right on.  I will let you know how it goes…….

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  1. Good luck on your decision to do 20 Second Fitness !! I started September 29, 2010 and have lost 88 pounds !! Still have a bit to go, but I feel better than I have in my life. I am a 50 year old mother of 4 and granmother. I have been able to enjoy walking, bicycling and hiking. My only regret is, I should have started sooner !!! Keep me updated !!!