Paula Deen Cheesecake Recipe

by Stephanie

Okay, if you are dieting….do not proceed

if you are on a low carb diet…do not proceed

if you plan on wearing a swimsuit in the next three months…do not proceed

You get the hint…

this is SUPER non-low fat…

I don’t even dare calculate the calories in this thing..



I don’t usually like cheesecake.  I ate it once in my early 20’s and then got the flu…REALLY bad!  So it isn’t ever something I order.  But me and my soon to be eight year old kido were watching the Food Network episodes and we saw Paula Deen make this amazing cheesecake  She turned to me and said “that is what I want you to make for my birthday”.   Um…okay. 

So here it goes, with the changes I made.  All of which are recommended on the reviews from her site.

First layer…I actually used chocolate graham crackers instead of the regular it calls for.  

Second layer…fudge brownie like, just did what it said.

Third layer…I used my own chocolate chip cookie dough (1/2 of the regular recipe, I will post it later) and baked it for 10 minutes before going on. 

Fourth layer… Cheesecake.  I baked this for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 300 degrees and it was still a bit under done.  I would do it again at 325 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Fifth layer…chocolate ganache and I used 6 tablespoons of cream instead of the 4 it calls for.

Now chill for 24 hours.  Not kidding.  Serve with fresh strawberries.  You actually really need them to cut the richness of the chocolate. 

Now go into diabetic coma….

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