Hinging on Perfection

 A couple of weeks ago I teased you about the great product that I used to rust out my light fixture in my kitchen. Well,  I’m ready to tell you about it.  When we were remodeling our home, I found this great laundry room that was decorated for the book Junk Beautiful by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer.  One of the elements of the room that I wanted to copy were these beautiful old icebox hinges that they used to hang curtains from. 

Junk Beautiful

Junk Beautiful

 After looking through the Internet, I realized that buying some actual icebox hinges would be way out of my price range. I still wanted that look, but I needed to find a budget way to recreate it!  I found some simple hinges from a local hardware store, They were the right price, but definitely not the right look.  This is similar to what they looked like:

 So, I went to my local craft store and found the product that would help me get the look I was going for.  This is it:

The two bottles came packaged together in a box. I first painted the Iron on the hinges and let them dry. I then painted on the rust antiquing solution letting it dry and adding coats until I was happy with the results.  And here is how they turned out:

 Maybe not as beautiful as the original pictures from Junk Beautiful, but definitely more fun because I made them! If you can't find the Sophisticated Finishes Rust Antiquing Set at your local craft store, I have included a link to Triangle Crafts website http://www.tricoatstore.com/home.php?cat=251. Let me know if you "rust" something in your home!

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  1. Love it! I like the "I made it" comment. You go girl! Thanks for linking up on DIY Thrifty Thursday! :)

  2. What a great idea... love the use of the twine; did you use grommets for holes or just sew the twine in place? these would look fantastic in my utility room/ laundry room~ its also a screened in porch!
    you get the idea!
    I love it came over from FJI-- Pat

  3. I used grommets, but I could have very easily just sewed the twine in place or even just cut holes since the fabric is very lightweight and doesn't slide open and shut. Thanks for your comments!