By Stephanie
It’s like Christmas….but in April.  Ok actually it IS my Christmas present…just early.  That’s okay.  Fine by me.  My mother-in-law came to visit and attempted to make scrambled eggs in my once non-stick pan.  She put in four eggs and got out about two.  She decided that new pans might be a good idea.  She said it was my early Christmas present if I wanted them….yep…I want them.  Badly. 
So…here they are….red…to match my mixer.  But really I wouldn’t have cared what color they were.    But the red does look nice.  My mother-in-laws initials are PD.  My pans have PD on the bottom.  Funny.  Yep, they are Paula Deen.  I love her.  And from all the butter I use, you should have determined who I cook like…..
P4098399 P4098400
Y’all are jealous…I can tell…..(did you hear my southern accent as I said that..)

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