Le Creuset Envy

Last week was Spring Break for my kids.  We didn't go anywhere, just had a mini Stay-Cation at home.  The weather didn't cooperate much, it rained several days and so we spent a lot of time indoors.  But, on Friday, we went to an outdoor mall that my children like to go to once in a while, it has a children's museum, outdoor fountain that is fun to run through, and several shops that aren't in our local mall.  One of the stores I enjoy peeking into and finding some great kitchen gotta haves is Sur La Table.  While looking around, I stumbled onto these:

Aren't they beautiful?  I have always liked the look of Le Creuset and I know how wonderful it is to have one in your kitchen, but I have never coveted one until a few days ago, and now I do!  Obviously it's the color that got me.  The shape and style has not changed, but what a difference one color can make! WOW!

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  1. hi, happy easter.

    thank you for visiting FINE CRAFT GUILD! and sharing happy comment.

    Off to organize brunch now...

    btw on these pans: they are too heavy for words.... L-)... so enjoy the pots n pans that you do have, and just add a dusty blue tea towel to the kitchen. your wrists will thank you lol... :-)

    have a happy day