by Stephanie

I love to read.  Now that my kids are old enough that I can read for about an hour at a time instead of waiting just until they are down for a nap or bed for the night!  But it needs to be worth my time.  I don’t like investing hours into a book to not really enjoy it. 

I have a friend on Goodreads.com that is a librarian.  She reads A LOT!  She and I have similar tastes.  There is one series that we both like that isn’t for everyone.  So I know when she gives it four stars, it will be worth my time.  She is a great resource and Goodreads.com makes it easy for me to see what she likes and doesn’t like.  (And NO I am NOT being paid to tell you that.)

I have a few favorite authors, but I was in the mood to find a new series to read.  My 12 year old kido is a great reader too so I kept seeing this collection when I would go to the YA section at my library. 

My library is NOT well stocked.  Not like in Las Vegas.  Were they co-op with all the surrounding libraries and will transfer it…for free.  It was awesome.  And I could get just about any book I was looking for.  Here…not so much.  But the pictures on the covers were…interesting.  Not “Oh that looks like a good book” interesting.  More like “I am not sure about that one” interesting.




But my friend on Goodreads.com had marked it with four stars and I was hungry for a good book.   So I got the first one.  The Luxe by Anna Godbersen.  I WAS HOOKED!  The only problem was that the second was checked out by someone that works for the library.  Apparently you get the book for like 6 months when you work for them.  Sssssooooo, I was impatiently waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  I told Jenny (younger sister) about it.  She went and bought all four.  But she is two states away from me.  BUT…..my parents were coming to visit.  And they brought book two and three (since Jenny had just finished book three).  That only left book four which I am still on hold for, but only for a few more weeks!  I REALLY like this series.  And since it is YA, there is a bit of scandal, but it isn’t the kind described in any detail.  You know what happened, we don’t need all the description.  It’s nice when an author lets you use your imagination too.  I love some scandal.  I am hoping book four wraps it up nicely.  I can see how it could go either way…I am also a sucker for a happy ending.  So here’s hoping!   Or maybe you could find out for yourself…If you would like a good book, or four.

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