Some of my Favorite Things

by Stephanie
When every I hear “my favorite things”, I think of the song from “Sound of Music”.  Then I think of another version by Hilary Weeks.  LOVE IT!!
Kandee Johnson the make-up lady.  Super awesome tutorials and tips.  And some of her stuff (like jewelry is cheap!).  She has totally changed the way I think of make-up.  AND she has four kids! 
  Jessica Simpson Shoes.  I bought these in a patent leather.  LOVE them.  But any shoes she makes is super comfortable and worth every penny!  Check overstock.com and 6pm.com for bargain prices. 
Hapari swimsuits.  Again worth every penny!  Super flattering, cute styles and colors.  AND…if you are like me (hourglass with most the sand on the bottom), they have a pocket for “inserts” that come in 1/2 cup size or a full cup size.  They sit in their little pocket and are wonderful…for those of us that need it.
Minty lip gloss from Bath and Body works.  It makes you pretty and smell minty.  I am truly addicted to this stuff.
Quilt fabric.  Gorgeous, great quality, great for dresses, quilts, curtains, pillows, purses, etc... Sigh…..My dream is to own my own quilt shop.  That way I can justify having thousands of yards of fabric. 
Enjoy your day!!

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