A Garden to Grow In

by Stephanie
My darling friend emailed me a few weeks back with a pic of her daughter wearing this darling gap dress…with paint on it.  Oh no.  She is a great mom that provides a wonderful environment that fosters creativity.  But creativity can be messy.  As we see.  She asked if I could help her “save” the dress. 
Why yes.   And in the meantime she was fostering my creativity.  Thanks Jami.  I sent here some ideas and she liked this one.  Me too!  I really loved that little bird.  And it comes with the pattern.  Hooray!  And I already had enough scrap fabric, so it was FREE!! 
I did need to adapt a bit since the paint was bigger than the flower patterns provided.  I removed the crystals that already made “flowers” on the top bodice.  I wanted some fabric flowers to tie into what we were doing on the bottom. 
I used her pattern for the center of the flower, the smallest flower and the peddle.  Then I just used that flower and cut it about 1/2” bigger once and then again.  For the three layers of flowers.  Then I just cut down the other two flower patterns for the flowers on the upper bodice.
Then I used a spray adhesive for fabrics and quilting and sprayed between each piece so it would stay. 
Then I just did a small zig zag stitch to keep it all in place and so the edges wouldn’t fray.  You can do a small regular stitch about 1/4” inside if you want the frayed too too.  About an hour later…all done! 
My daughter tried it on so I could take a pic.  I hope she loves it!  I still love that birdie….

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